LACKA SKU-1CT709 (Laura Cuttone - Cat tree)

LACKA SKU-1CT709 (Laura Cuttone – Cat tree)

Production dimensions (cm)

Height: 94cm

Length: 31cm

Width: 31cm

Color: Pink

  • ✓ Easy installation
  • ✓ Wood based
  • ✓ Withstand scratchy paws
  • ✓ Reinforced solid base material
  • ✓ Suitable for cats (most sizes)
  • ✓ Stable & cozy
  • ✓ Perfect for indoor use
  • ✓ Solve cat’s natural inclination to climb


Cats may be indoor pets, but they still require exercise and mental stimulation like any other pet.
Our Laura Cuttone cat trees offers a practical solution to their daily exercise they need, providing entertainment while preventing destructive behaviors in your home.




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